Lakeside Lab Talk To Feature Mike Hawkins Of Iowa DNR

Tue 6-1-2021

(Wahpeton)-- A special video will be shown at Lakeside Lab's free talk this (Tuesday) evening...Lakeside Lab & Mike Hawkins 

"The Friends of Lakeside Laboratory's Science Seminar series will continue on Tuesday evening with Iowa DNR District Fisheries Biologist Mike Hawkins as the featured speaker. Hawkins says he'll be presenting a special video: This kind of came about because we were not able to be open this spring or last spring because of covid, so we didn't get to see the thousands of people that come into the fish hatchery and watch our production efforts for walleye and northern pike and muskie. So in lieu of that the Iowa Great Lakes Fishing Club together an onsite video. So they went out in a boat with us, also were doing some work inside the hatchery with taking eggs from the fish and doing the fertilization and that whole process. And a really neat video that they put together and then they posted that to their Facebook page and we had a night where I narrated over that. It was a big hit. We had a lot of views, a lot of folks really enjoyed learning more about the process of what we do in the spring up at the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery. So Mary asked me to come over and basically show that video and do an additional narration and just kind of talk about our process and all of our work that we do and putting that effort into raising walleyes and muskie and northern pike each year for the state of Iowa. The talk is free and open to the public at Mahan Hall at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory campus starting at 7:00 on Tuesday evening. See details at Iowa Lakeside Lab-dot-org."