Lakeside Lab Comes Up With Unique Educational Opportunity After Learning University Of Iowa Will Not Be Offering In-Person Classes This Summer Due To COVID-19

Thu 5-7-2020

(Wahpeton)-- Friends of Lakeside Lab are offering a unique way to learn more about nature. Lisa Roti, the organization's Executive Director, says the “Passport To Nature” program will give families an opportunity to explore the natural world...Roti01 (1) 

"Each Friday at 9:00 am 50 packets, we're starting with 50, we'll see how the response is. If we need to create more we can, but these packets will be available at the main parking lot of Lakeside Lab on Highway 86, go through the stone gates and we'll have buckets there that will be holding the packets. In there will be a number of activities and some fun things that kiddos can do with their families in nature. We hope that people stay on campus and they may use the campus to do the activities or they may go home if it's not convenient for them to stay."

Roti says the idea for the program stems from an announcement they received from the University of Iowa...Roti02 (1) 

"In learning this Monday that the University of Iowa who administers programs at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory has decided that classes will all be online this summer for college students, and that we will not be having our summer camps in 2020, while this is disappointing the Friends also was visiting about a way that they could still provide some educational programming or some assistance to the Lakeside Lab and from that the Passport To Nature program was born."

Roti also reminds everyone of Lakeside's Nature Challenge program that is offered via Facebook every Friday at 9:30 am.