Lakes Regional Healthcare Will Be Going To A No Visitor Restriction Effective Monday (March 30th)

Fri 3-27-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Lakes Regional Healthcare is about to tighten its restrictions on visitors even more now that the first case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Dickinson County. Hospital CEO Jason Harrington announced today (Fri.) in a YouTube video the facility will be going to a no visitor restriction effective Monday...No Visitor Restriction01

"So right now, unless you're coming here as a patient, and even then we're trying to see patients in a different way. Unless you're really, really sick we're trying to postpone visits and otherwise that keep people out of Lakes Regional Healthcare for your safety and that of our patients and staff. So we had limited visitors access prior. We're going to limit that further come Monday and refer to it as a no visitor restriction. Essentially what that means is that we won't accept visitors with two real exceptions. If you have a family member that's on hospice we'll allow limited visiting for hospice patients. If you're an expecting mother who has a birthing coach or a partner or otherwise we would allow those people in the delivery process. Outside those two instances we will not be allowing visitors to the campus and so I want to make everyone aware so that effective Monday that will go into effect." 

On another note, Harrington is requesting seasonal residents who are coming back to the Iowa Great Lakes to take some extra precautions...No Visitor Restriction02 

"I know it's getting to be that time of year where we're welcoming our summer family, our summer residents back. And I know probably a number of people are thinking well if I'm quarantined and practicing social distancing anyway I'd probably rather be up at the lake than somewhere else. Although I appreciate the excitement in that, most people who are coming back have traveled elsewhere, probably a number of them on airplanes out of the state, out of the country and as a result of that my ask of you is that if you fall into that when you first come back home, if you could make every attempt to isolate yourself or self quarantine for the first 14 days. Quite honesty we do that with staff that fall into any of that category if you've been travelling on a plane, out of state, we keep you off work for 14 days because that's about the incubation period for COVID-19. So we would ask that you do the same for your own safety, for the safety of the community and otherwise."

Harrington also expressed his gratitude to the community for its support of the hospital and healthcare workers during this time.