Lakes Regional Healthcare Receives Another Big Accolade

Tue 5-4-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Another big accolade for a local hospital.

Lakes Regional Healthcare is the recipient of a five-star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It's the second consecutive year LRH has received the distinction. Hospital President and CEO Jason Harrington says it's based on a comparison of quality measures for more than 4,000 hospitals nationwide...Harrington & five star rating01 

"There are several measurements. Quality and safety and efficiency and there are about seven of them that they used to report independently and now they've combined all of those and all of those roll up into an individual star rating for hospitals, somewhere between one star and five stars with five stars being the highest."

Harrington says the five star rating speaks very highly of the staff at Lakes Regional Healthcare...Harrington & five star rating02 

"Healthcare is I think should come as no surprise to anyone is really about people. We're really a very high touch organization and industry. So that five star rating is really a 100 percent reflection of the team here, you know our team of physicians, our team of our nurses, our lab technologists, our radiology technologists, our housekeepers, our food service employees. I mean that star rating goes out to everyone. I say every day that healthcare is a team sport and the five star rating goes out to all of the team."

Lakes Regional Healthcare was the only hospital in the region to receive a five star rating.