Lakes Area Visitors & Residents Being Asked To Be Patient & Respectful As More Businesses Re-Open

Thu 5-21-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- Be patient, be respectful and please cooperate. Those are the messages being put out for lakes area visitors and residents alike as more businesses and amenities re-open this Memorial Day Weekend. Rebecca Peters, Director of Okoboji Tourism, says it's in everyone's best interest to follow the guidelines that have been put in place...COVID & Tourism01 

"Per recommendations by the CDC and the Iowa Department of Public Health, our local businesses that are opening back up for the season are really following a lot of safety guidelines that are just put in place to keep all of the staff safe and healthy and all of their guests safe and healthy. And that's really everyone's number one priority this year. So just as people are venturing out and they're going to some of the local shops that are so unique and wonderful and they're going to some of the great dining establishments in the area, we just act that you be really respectful of that staff and the owners of those establishments and just follow the new guidelines and just be kind about it. Just because all of those are in place to keep everybody safe and healthy this year so that we can all have fun in Okoboji."

And when it comes to tourism this upcoming season, Peters says numbers for the Iowa Great Lakes will likely be down due to the pandemic, especially early on...COVID & Tourism02 

"As of right now we're seeing that people are just a little nervous, still, about travel, and rightly so. Everyone has to have a little, take a little bit of responsibility on their own and decide what's best for them. And so I think as people become a little more confident in the way things are working out and the safety precautions that businesses are putting in place, we'll probably see a few more people venture into the area, but for right now we're definitely seeing that our numbers are down a little bit. But that's just because people are still unsure about everything that's happening."

Dickinson county and its municipalities are bracing for the impact of what's likely to be a significant drop in lodging tax revenue.