Lakes Area Tourism Numbers Continue To Grow

Tue 1-10-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- Tourism numbers in the Iowa Great Lakes continue to increase. That's the message Rebecca Peters of Okoboji Tourism had as she presented her annual report at Tuesday's Dickinson County Board of Supervisors meeting...Rebecca Peters01 

"Over the past 5 years we've seen an increase in generated revenues through tourism-generated fields and we've also seen an increase in the last 5 years in local tax revenues, so that's been pretty exciting. We've also seen an increase in hotel-motel tax revenues over the past 5 years. So we know that more people are coming to the area, we know they're spending more money when they come to the area, and we know that benefits us locally."

Peters attributes one thing in particular to the continued growth...Rebecca Peters02 

"I think it's just a strong marketing effort on behalf of the Okoboji Tourism Committee. We track all the marketing that we do and we reach out further so that as people are coming in this is an attractive place. But it's also a partnership with our cities, they create good policies that are friendly to tourism, and it's also our local investors. We have a lot of businesses and attractions in the area that have invested quite a lot of money into our community, not just for quality of life but to attract tourism. And all of those things combined really encourage people to come here and stay longer and come back more often." 

And Peters says there's one number in particular that jumps out...Rebecca Peters03 

"It's interesting. For every one dollar that was invested in the Okoboji Tourism Committee in 2015, Dickinson county saw a return of over $500 in economic impact."

Peters says those numbers are based on data from 2015, the latest year for which tourism numbers are available.