Lakes Area Nurse Who Has Been Assisting New York City Hospitals During COVID Outbreak There Preparing To Come Back Home

Thu 6-18-2020

(New York, NY)-- A lakes area nurse who has been helping out at a couple of New York City Hospitals since late March is getting ready to come home.

KUOO news spoke this (Thurs.) afternoon with Dianna Montgomery of Arnolds Park who has been lending her services in the big apple, which at one time was a COVID-19 epicenter. She says the cases there have declined dramatically and that her services there are no longer needed. Looking back on it, Montgomery says her experiences there, while challenging, were also very rewarding...Montgomery Final Update01 

"It's the hardest work I've ever done in my life. It's been rewarding, healing, many things to my life and I guess I just can't wait to get home. I'm quarantining now so I'm done. Can't wait to get home to Arnolds Park, Okoboji, Spirit Lake to see the people who were so good to me out here. You, Steve, supporting me, just listening to my updates. It's been a great, great experience but I'm ready to come home."

Montgomery says it will still be a couple of weeks yet before she can return to the Iowa Great Lakes...Montgomery Final Update02 

"And so we have to quarantine here. You can't check out of a hotel room until you're done quarantining. Then I can come home and relax and enjoy a simpler life."

Montgomery again expressed her appreciation for all of the support the people here have been showing for her...Montgomery Final Update03 

"People have left their lights on for me. I've gotten so many cards and support and I just want to get home and be thankful to everybody back home."

Montgomery says she's especially looking forward to once again seeing her kids and grandkids. She adds she's prepared to offer her nursing services here locally, as well, if called upon.