Lakes Area Nurse Assisting In Pandemic In New York City Gives An Update From There

Mon 5-11-2020

(New York, NY)-- A Lakes Area nurse who's been assisting a couple of hospitals in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic says things are starting to get somewhat better there. Diana Montgomery of Arnolds Park checked in this morning with KUOO news. She told us the number of positive cases they're seeing in the big apple are on the decline...Montgomery Update01 

"We are not seeing as many cases come through the E R. Not as many positive cases. We still have hundreds of people in the hospitals trying to survive it, but our numbers are down. People are really good about wearing their masks out, you know, kind of following the rules and they have to, because it's such a vast populated area."

Montgomery says they are, however, starting to see a condition among children that's concerning. She says the symptoms are similar to those of a condition known as “Kawasaki Disease”...Montgomery Update02 

"It's an inflammation of the blood vessels. You'll have a fever, rash, kind of like a sunburn on your hands, on your feet; they can be swollen. And in the later stages you're going to see sores in like the mucous membranes like your mouth, almost like a cold sore or a bumpy tongue, red eyes, just things to look out for, you know, in your young children. Especially with the numbers going up in Iowa now, just to be on the safe side."

The condition can also cause what's known as toxic shock syndrome.

Cases of it have been reported in several states and there have been reports of children even dying from it. Montgomery says medical experts aren't certain if it's something directly related to COVID-19, but they are suspecting it may be.