Lack Of Snow So Far This Season Resulting In Significant Savings To Dickinson County Secondary Roads Dept.

Tue 1-12-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- A lack of snow so far this season is resulting in a substantial savings for the Dickinson County Secondary Roads Department. County Engineer Dan Eckert says the savings on wear and tear with equipment, fuel and materials has been very significant...Snow Savings 

"I reported to the board today that we've only spent 22 percent of our snow removal budget for the fiscal year so far and most of that is in materials: salt and sand and blades and things like that. That's all stuff, you know, that certainly go to waste. We can hold on to it and use it for next year. And then I also reported to them that our diesel fuel budget was only 19 percent of the expenditure for the fiscal year. So that's kind of one of those things you don't think about is when you're not snow plowing you're not tearing up equipment, you're not burning up diesel fuel."

Eckert says it's also allowed crews to get a number of other tasks done that wouldn't be possible otherwise, such as brush removal and tree cutting.

In other business, the supervisors awarded a bid on a culvert replacement project on 202nd Street east of Pelican Ridge. The bid of $85,473.50 from Midwest Contracting of Marshall, Minnesota was well under the engineer's estimate of nearly $112,000. Eckert says the road in that area has been closed recently because of the failing culvert...Culvert Bid 

"We actually gave the contractor options that they could start any time. We're asking for it to be done in the Juneish time frame, by June, before penalties start kicking in. But we would think with the very dry conditions they would probably come in sooner than later on that, so. Again, not a lot of impact on the traffic when there's only 15 vehicles a day, but certainly local landowners I'm sure are ready to see that road back open."

Eckert also reported to the supervisors they plan to work on nearly 20 different structures around the county in the upcoming fiscal year. He says that includes bridge, replacement, bridge strengthening and culvert replacements. Eckert says for now, atleast, the Lower Gar project is being pushed back to the 2023 fiscal year, but he says that could be bumped up if need be.