Lack Of Action By Legislature On Supplemental Funding Frustrates School Officials

Thu 4-16-2015 []

(Spirit Lake)-- Area superintendents say the deadlock in the Iowa Legislature over supplemental school funding has made this one of the worst years yet for budgeting. The deadline for schools to certify their budgets was this past Wednesday (April 15th). Spirit Lake Superintendent Dr. David Smith tells KUOO news the uncertainty over the level of state funding has left them planning for the worst but hoping for the best...Dr. Smith01 

The uncertainty has even led to some districts issuing pink slips to faculty and teachers. Dr. Smith says so far, atleast, the Spirit Lake School District has been able to avoid that...Dr. Smith02 

Like most other area school districts, Dr. Smith says Spirit Lake has formulated its budget based on the lowest amount of funding being approved...Dr. Smith03 

Democrats in the Legislature have lowered a proposal for additional school funding to about $150 million. Republicans argue the state can't afford spending more than $100 million.