Judge Rules Racial Profiling Case Can Proceed

Fri 11-27-2015 IA"], ["Orange City

(Orange City)-- A highway stop in northwest Iowa in which officers pointed weapons at an innocent man and his six-year-old son has prompted a federal lawsuit and racial profiling claims.

Details of the September 2014 incident have emerged in a lawsuit filed by the driver, 32-year-old Levi Wilson of Orange City. Wilson, who is of Indian descent, alleges the stop and search were illegal.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation says officers acted appropriately because they were searching for Wilson's brother, David Wilson, a sex offended wanted on outstanding warrants. Officers say the brothers sometimes drove the same truck. Levi Wilson denies that.

U.S. District Judge Mark Bennett has refused to dismiss the case, ruling that claims of unreasonable search and seizure, excessive force and invasion of privacy could proceed.

(From the Associated Press.)