Jeremy Johnston to present "Snapshots of Modern Percussion" at PLAC October 20th

Wed 10-19-2016 IA"], ["2201 Highway 71, Okoboji

(Okoboji)-It's percussion with a twist at the Pearson Lakes Art Center on Thursday evening.  KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Jeremy Johnston to present "Snapshots of Modern Percussion" at PLAC October 20 

Jeremy Johnston will present his solo program "Snapshots of Modern Percussion" on Thursday evening at the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji.

Johnston says he will be playing multiple percussive instruments.

"Last year my entire program was marimba, but this year I decided to take a more holistic approach to percussion, so I'm giving little examples of, ok, what's happening in solo snare drum writing right now, what's happening in solo vibraphone, what's happening in solo marimba instead of focusing on one instrument, I can expose people to what's happening in solo percussion in general."

He adds that he is featuring a premiere of an original piece by Twin Cities composer Ted Moore.

"I had asked him to write me a multiple percussion solo, so I would have several different instruments, drums, woodblocks, cymbals, anything and everything that he could think of. What he was doing, he was putting little contact microphones on everything, and then he had a small speaker attached to a cymbal that would be on the other end of the stage from where I was, and so, everything that I was playing on the drum set-up would then be amplified into the cymbal so the cymbal would actually be vibrating the same frequency that I'm playing.  Over the process of him writing, he started to realize that all he was really trying to do was get some cool sounds out of that cymbal, so he scrapped everything, and started over, where instead of having this other set-up, I'm holding the microphone and so I'm using feedback through that speaker to create sound."

Jeremy Johnston will take the stage at 7:30 Thursday evening on the Lauridsen Performing Arts Theatre stage at the Pearson Lakes Art Center.  

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