Jeff Thee Wins Republican Primary For Dis. 5 Dickinson Co. Supervisor Seat

Tue 6-2-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Unofficial results from Tuesday's primary election show Jeff Thee as the apparent winner of the Republican nomination for the District 5 seat on the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors. Thee received 298 votes while Janice Bowles received 157. In an interview with KUOO news, Thee thanked his supporters and said there are several things he's looking forward to heading into the November General Election...Thee03 

"Well you know the thing about a county supervisor is you know although it's a position where you run as a declared party candidate, it's much like a city council position I've held where you have an opportunity to know so many of the constituents in your district and a public servant isn't someone who goes into a position thinking they have all the answers. I would certainly rely on my experience as Spirit Lake City Council but the true key, I think, is communication. Listening to citizens, families, business owners, farmers, and find out how a decision I might have to be a part of will affect them, and communicate with department heads in the county because they're the ones who will have to implement those decisions. So the biggest key to me is to be open to new ideas, and never stop educating myself."

Thee will be running against Angela Kofoot in November. She was unopposed for the Democratic nomination in Tuesday's primary.

Longtime incumbent Pam Jordan isn't seeking re-election.

In O'Brien county, Bruce Devereaux defeated Brenda Collier for the Republican nomination for Sheriff. Devereaux received 2,183 votes while Collier had 244.

In Emmet county, Lisa Hansen and Tim Schumacher were running in the Republican primary for Board of Supervisors. Hansen received 471 votes and Schumacher had 453. Todd Glassnapp, Roger Hash and Sarah Morphew were running in the Democratic primary. Glassnap received 470 votes; Hash had 410 and Morphew received 425.

For State Representative District 3, Dennis Bush won the Republican nomination receiving 2,214 votes while Lynn Evans had 1,935 and Mark McHugh received 1,165.