Jeff Thee Elected To Dickinson Co. Bd. Of Supervisors District 5 Seat

Tue 11-3-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Jeff Thee was elected Tuesday to the District 5 seat on the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors. Thee received 1,558 votes while Angela Kofoot received 750. Thee expressed his gratitude to Kofoot for the positive campaign she ran as well as for her work in the community. Thee told KUOO news he looks forward now to rolling up his sleeves...Jeff Thee04 

"The work will begin moving towards January 1st. I'll be taking opportunities to meet with existing supervisors, department heads, office heads, employees, and certainly the citizens of Dickinson county. So a lot of work before even taking the oath of office on January 1st, but I'm very excited. I can't wait to take up the task."

Thee will succeed longtime incumbent Pam Jordan who didn't seek re-election...Jeff Thee05 

"Pam has done such a fantastic job for the county, going back to when she first came in and we had the old Dickinson county courthouse. And through her hard work and initiative we got the new courthouse that we have now and something very proud of and she's done a lot of great work in a lot of different areas for the county. So yeah, those are big shoes to fill and I'll try to do it in my way and try to do it in a way that Dickinson county citizens can be proud of."

Thee adds his ultimate goal as supervisor is this:...Jeff Thee06 

"If I had my druthers I would love nothing more that Dickinson county moving forward to be an example not just, and a leader, not just in Iowa but in the nation, of how people can come together, put partisan politics aside, hard feelings aside, and moving together as one. And I would love for people to look at Dickinson county and go look at how that little county with 17,000 people in Iowa did that, came together, and all the great things they're doing. And that's what I hope to be part of in the next four years."

In another contested race in Dickinson county, Tom Kuhlman was elected to a seat on the Board of Trustees of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District, defeating Joe Andres. Kuhlman received 3,883 votes while Andres had 2,208.

In Emmet county, five people were running for three at-large seats on the Board of Supervisors. Two of the three incumbents were re-elected. Tim Schumacher received 2,380 votes and Todd Glassnapp had 2,293. Elected to the third seat was Lisa Hanson with 2,521. Incumbent Roger Hash lost out in a re-election bid with 2,012. Another candidate, Sarah Morphew, received 1,428 votes.

In House District 7, Henry Stone was the winner with 9,436 votes while Debra Jensen received 5,814.