Jeb Bush Campaigns In Okoboji

Sat 1-30-2016 []

(Okoboji)-- Republican Presidential hopeful and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush made campaign stop this (Sat.) morning in Okoboji. Bush told a gathering of a couple hundred people that if elected, fiscal responsibility would be a high priority of his...Bush01     

Bush added he would make massive changes to the Department of Veterans Affairs. And he said the country needs a President that doesn’t blame others...Jeb02     

Bush also commented on rebuilding foreign relations and keeping the U.S. safe...Jeb03     

Bush also took a swipe at front runner Donald Trump...Jeb04     

Bush also spoke out against the Affordable Care Act, saying it’s a job killer, suppresses pay, and gives too much power to Washington, D.C. Bush vowed that if elected, he would kill the affordable care act and replace it with a system of state exchanges.