J.D. Scholten kicks off 39 County Barnstorming Tour in Storm Lake

Wed 9-19-2018

Democratic Congressional Candidate J.D. Scholten, who’s running against Republican Congressman Steve King this November, held his first in a series of town hall meetings Tuesday night in Storm Lake.

Scholten plans to hold a town hall meeting in each of the 39 counties in the fourth district with his Barnstorming Tour.



Scholten said he considers health care to be one of the most pressing issues:

 JD Scholten cut 1 

"My long term goal is Medicare for all, but I want to ease into it, I want to work our way into that.  And so, I think that would be the most cost effective, cover as many people as possible, the solution that I think would benefit Iowa and the United States."

Scholten was asked about the Federal Government issuing payouts to farmers for losses due to trade wars:

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"We are borrowing money from China to pay our farmers not to sell their products to China, and I think we can all agree that doesn't make too much sense.  When we lose out on those markets, they're looking to go down to South America or Russia or other places, and who's there helping those farmers?  The same multinational corporations that are here.  So, they're not necessarily loyal to the Iowa Farmer.  So, we've got to really dig in and figure out who is helping the Iowa Farmer."

Scholten was also asked about immigration:

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"It doesn't make sense to us to deport the 11 to 14 million estimated undocumented people in America.  Economically, it doesn't make sense.  We all realize we need secure borders, but we need also to find solutions here, practical solutions."

Scholten will hold a town hall meeting in Carroll Wednesday evening and stop in Grundy Center on Thursday afternoon.

Scholten will visit Spirit Lake on September 25.

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Thanks to our affiliate KAYL in Storm Lake for assistance with this story.