Jackson City Council tables Feral Cat issue

Thu 12-19-2019 Jackson, MN

The Jackson City Council took no action on a funding request at Monday's meeting.  KUOO's Dave Schmidt has details:

Dave story on Jackson cat issue 

The Jackson City Council again tabled action regarding an increased funding request from PAWS. Janice Lepinski of PAWS addressed the council regarding the request.  PAWS receives $2,000 annually in funds from the city to help control the feral cat population in Jackson.  They were requesting an increase to $4,000.  Lepinski stated that, even at that level, it doesn’t cover all their expenses.  Several residents spoke in favor and against the funding.  Councilman Jeff Gay recommended a committee be formed to attempt to find a more black and white solution to this issue.  The council tabled the issue to allow time for a committee to form, meet and present an option.  Gay explains why he suggested this route.“Well, it’s never going to be fixed.  It will always be there but we can calm it down a little bit, hopefully.  And arguing about it in here does nothing so having a committee to come up with a black and white plan is going to do wonders to get this off the ground.”

In other action, the Council approved setting the 2019 payable in 2020 Tax Levy at just over $1.56 million.  This is an increase of 2.9%.  The initial levy had been set at 5.9%.  They also approved a request for a Recycle Beyond the Bag drop off container to be placed at City Hall, a Parks Department Accelerating Inclusion grant request for Ashley Park, multiple fund transfers, the Airport runway reconstruction project plan contingent on landowner approval and an increase to the Fire Relief Association annual pension amount.

All Council members were present.