Jackson City Council Declares Local Snow Emergency; Limits Parking On One Side Of City Streets

Wed 3-6-2019

(Jackson, Mn.)-- The Jackson City Council declared a local snow emergency at their meeting Tuesday evening. City Administrator Matt Skaret explains what this ordinance means…Skaret01 

"What the council did tonight was they passed an ordinance declaring a local emergency designating that parking on city streets be done on the side of the street with odd addresses only. So for the next 30 days, parking is only allowed on the side of the street with odd addresses. It will be for 30 days or if the Mayor declares the emergency is over before that 30 days is up, that's when we would go back to normal parking."

Skaret emphasizes this has no effect on Snow Emergencies declared during a snow event…Skaret02 

"That does not preclude our normal snow emergency routine that we've become all too far accustomed to in recent weeks."

Skaret points out this action is meant to help the citizens of Jackson…Skaret03 

"This is not something that we're trying to be punitive on or punish people. This is to help people. This is for if you need emergency services at your house, this is to make sure that whatever it is whether it's the police, or the fire or ambulance, just to make sure that those emergency vehicles can get to your house and provide you service if you need them. Because right now there are certain areas that that's getting to be very difficult and with the snow forecast for the weekend and possibly next week we're trying to be pro-active."

The ordinance takes effect at midnight tonight (Wednesday).

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KKOJ in Jackson, Mn.)