Jaci Hermstad To Be Featured On NBC Today Show

Mon 7-8-2019

(New York, NY)-- Jaci Hermstad of Spencer... who is fighting an aggressive form of A-L-S, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease... will be featured this (Monday) morning on the Today show on

N-B-C T-V.

Jaci has been in New York City receiving treatments of a specially-made, and FDA-approved medication for her. This Thursday, she is scheduled to receive the third of three spinal infusions of the drug.

Jaci, a Storm Lake native, was diagnosed with the disease in February. She received the first dose on June 11th... and the second dose on June 25th.

Her twin sister, Alex, was diagnosed with this same rare form of A-L-S 14 years ago and lived for five years before succumbing to the illness. Being Alex's twin, Jaci was helping researchers unlock what secrets they could about the illness and along the way, helping them develop the medicine she is now taking.

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KAYL in Storm Lake.)