IUB Scheduled Procedural Hearings For Alliant Energy-Interstate Power & Light Proposed Rate Increases

Fri 4-12-2019

(Des Moines)-- The Iowa Utilities Board will hold procedural hearings this fall into Alliant Energy-Interstate Power and Light Company's proposed increases for electric and natural gas rates. The board has scheduled the hearings for the electric case for October 7th-9th; hearings in the natural gas case are set for November 4th and 5th. Both will be held at the IUB Building in Des Moines. Customer hearings are set for 5:30 pm Wednesday, May 1st at the Science Center of Buena Vista University in Storm Lake.

The IUB also this week denied a motion by the Office of Consumer Advocate to reduce the amount Alliant will collect under interim rate increases that went into effect April 1st. Under Iowa law, the IUB says it cannot reduce or approve interim rates until the conclusion of the proceeding. If the IUB at that time finds the interim rates were not based on previously established principles, the board could require refunds of the interim rates, plus interest.

The IUB says it will also take up a complaint from some large users about Alliant's current rates for standby power service in a separate filing.