ISU Extension & Outreach 4-H Youth Development To Hold Learning Event For Youth During Solar Eclipse

Fri 8-18-2017

            (Spirit Lake)-- Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H and Youth Development and the Iowa Space Consortium have teamed up to provide solar eclipse camps across the state on Monday. Hannah Brockshus, Dickinson County Youth Coordinator, says they'll be offering a camp locally...Eclipse Camp 

"Youth will get to learn about the sun's energy and a little bit of history, because historically before people weren't able to take photos of the eclipse, so they recorded what happened and what they saw through drawing and writing so our youth will get a chance to draw out what they think the eclipse will look like and we'll make some different viewers. We'll learn about the sun's energy and get to harness the sun's energy by making smore's. We'll get to hear from some NASA scientists and detect U-V rays using some color-changing materials that sense the U-V light, and we'll also get to view a partial eclipse from here in Dickinson county. Hopefully we don't have cloudy weather. We have some safe eclipse viewers."

Brockshus says they've had a tremendous response to the camp. She says they had to limit the camp to 12 kids due to the amount of materials needed. She says it's full and that they have a waiting list.