Iowa Transportation Commission Awards Funding For Dickinson County Trails Project

Tue 9-8-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Iowa Transportation today (Tues.) awarded funding for a local rail trail project. Erin Reed of Dickinson County Trails tells KUOO news they were awarded $176,522 for the next phase of a project along former railroad right-of-way between Spirit Lake and Lake Park...Erin Reed03 

"We've had quite a bit of other money that is involved with it, but, you know, costs were coming in a little higher than expected and so we had some extra time to put in a grant application for this project and we put it in for $176,000 and we were fortunate enough to get the funding, so."

Reed says this is for what's known as “section c” of the third phase of the project, known as “Tatonka Ska Trace”...Erin Reed04 

"So this fall we're going to get from Spirit Lake out to Highway 86 with the railroad trail, and what this segment will actually do is connect with the railroad trail, about a half mile north of the Highway 9 and 86 intersection and it will head south along the east side of Highway 86 and then connect with the north tunnel there at the West Lake Harbor."

Reed says from there, the plan is to continue paving west, eventually going all the way to Lake Park...Erin Reed05 

"We do have some federal rec trail funds that we were awarded last October. That's around $221,000, so that's for that segment that will take us from Highway 86 to Montgomery. So that's on track for next year and we're hoping that in the next couple of years we can get to Lake Park. It just depends upon the funding timeline for that."

Reed says additional funds for the project are being provided through the trails partnership with Imagine Iowa Great Lakes.