Iowa Transportation Commission Approves 5-Year Plan That Includes Trails & A Major Road Project Locally

Tue 6-9-2020

(Ames)-- The Iowa Transportation Commission today (Tues.) approved their 5-year Transportation Improvement Program for 2021-2025. It includes funding for a couple of trails projects and a major road project in the Iowa Great Lakes.

Among those is $202,390 in funding for fiscal year 2020 for funding for phase 3 of the Tatonka Ska Trace rail trail project and another $221,750 in fiscal year 2021 for phase 4 of the same project between Spirit Lake and Lake Park.

Also included in the 5-year plan is funding for a grading and pavement replacement project on a 2.2 mile stretch of Highway 71 from Okoboji Grove Road in Arnolds Park to East View Avenue in Okoboji. That project is scheduled for the 2023 fiscal year.

Funding is also included for a bridge deck overlay project on the Highways 9 & 71 bridge on the east edge of Spirit Lake. That project is scheduled for the 2025 fiscal year.