Iowa Supreme Court Affirms Conviction In A Dickinson County OWI Case

Fri 6-4-2021

(Des Moines)-- The Iowa Supreme Court has affirmed the conviction in an OWI case from Dickinson county.

It involved an incident on January 15th of 2019 in which a sheriff's deputy responded to a report of a man who had been found in a vehicle. Matthew Sewell was taken into custody a short time later and was booked into jail. 

Sewell waived his right to a jury trial and was convicted during a bench trial. He appealed the verdict claiming he was denied his right to contact an attorney prior to consenting to blood alcohol testing. The Iowa Supreme Court opinion states, however, that Sewell had not yet been charged at that time.

With one justice partially dissenting, the state supreme court affirmed the verdict, denying grounds for appeal.

(Note: This is a correction from a previous story)