Iowa Secretary Of State's Office Releases Voter Registration Numbers

Mon 11-2-2020

(Des Moines)-- A record number of Iowans are registered to vote in this election, according to information released today (Mon.) by Secretary of State Paul Pate. He says just over two million residents in the state are registered to vote...Pate & Voter Registration 

"Iowa is one of the top 10 states for voter registration and participation. And I'm glad to see so many engaged. It's never been easier to register to vote in Iowa, whether it's online or through the mail or at the polls on election day. I want every eligible Iowan to be a voter."

A breakdown of statewide voter information shows 699,001 are registered as democrats; 719,591 are registered as republican; 659,488 are registered as no party; and 17,501 are affiliated with other parties.

Pate says as of this (Monday) morning, 955,971 absentee ballots had been received by county auditors out of slightly more than a million that were requested.