Iowa Secretary Of State Extends Absentee Voting Period To 40 Days For Those Voting By Mail In June Primary

Mon 3-23-2020

(Des Moines)-- Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate announced today (Monday) he's extending the absentee voting period to 40 days for those who choose to vote by mail in the June primary. He's also encouraging Iowans to cast ballots by mail, in response to the ongoing pandemic. Pate says the change will allow voters more time to send their ballots and provide county auditors a longer window for processing.

Pate says curbside voting for those with disabilities and those who are at high risk for contracting coronavirus will also remain an option.

The absentee voting period for mailed ballots in the June primary will begin April 23rd.

Absentee ballots can now be requested from county auditors.