Iowa Rock 'n Roll Museum Grand Opening Thursday

Tue 6-11-2019

By Mathew Grisham



The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Museum’s grand opening will commence on Thursday at Arnolds Park. Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Association President Ralph Kluseman breaks the weekend events down.

"We’re gonna open up here at one o'clock we're so excited about the grand opening of our new jaw droppingly beautiful Iowa Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and Museum," Kluseman said. "It's just incredible, and so we’ll start doing some museum tours and some personal guided tours. We’re gonna do the ribbon cutting at 3 pm. Really the museum and the hall of fame and all of what we’ve done here is just a small part of what we would like to have an impact across the state of Iowa."

There will also be a fundraiser Thursday evening with the band the Brits.

"We’re doing a silent auction, and I've been looking at the list and we’ve got some really incredible things that are gonna be apart of the silent auction," Kluseman said. "We’ve got for example we’ve got a signed Brian Setzer guitar, we've got all kinds of really cool things people can bid on, and it's all for a really great cause. We’re a 501c3 and we're trying to make sure we can have the funds necessary to impact these lives across the state of Iowa. We really welcome anybody's support and obviously the biggest part we’d like to see happen is we want to encourage people to become members of the Iowa Rock and Roll Music Association here in Iowa."

The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Museum is now open daily see details at