Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation spreading the word on Angel Investing Network

Thu 12-19-2019 520 2nd Avenue East,Suite 2 Spencer,IA

The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation is spreading the word about The Angel Investing Network, which allows investors to get in on the ground floor of new businesses in the Lakes area.

Senior Vice President Brian Dalziel explains.  "We have 71 individuals that actively participate as Angel Investors, they're members of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Angel Network, and what that network is, is it's a realy simple thing.  An individual that's interested in investing, and these are in companies before they go public, and so, a lot of times people think, oh wow, there's this IPO, I wish I could have gotten in on the ground floor of that IPO long before it went public.  This is the opportunity to do that."

He notes that anyone interested should contact The Corridor offices.  "If there are individuals that want to learn more about the Iowa Lakes Corridor Angels, contact information is on our website, give us a call in the office 712.264.3474, we're happy to talk you through it, it's a real simple process.  There's never any arm-twisting going on.  What it's really about is determining fit.  The entrepreneur gets to meet the investor, they get to know each other.  Are there things the investor can do to help them in terms of people they know, network expertise, that kind of thing, or maybe it's not a good fit, and then you just pass and you wait for the next deal."

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