Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corp. To Offer Special Training Program For Area Executives

Thu 5-17-2018

            (Arnolds Park)-- A special training opportunity for local executives will be held next week in the Iowa Great Lakes. Kylie Miller, CEO of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation tells KUOO news it's being made possible through a partnership they've forged with an organization called Aileron...Exec Training01 

            "It's an executive training program from Ohio. We're able to offer high level executive training and senior management training here in the corridor. We've been doing this for a couple of years, but we're rolling out a new program on Monday, a one day training. It's called "Towards Conscious Leadership". It sounds kind of etheorial, but what it's really about is paying attention and listening and discovering what's really driving your team. That program will be on Monday at The Waterfront right in Arnolds Park."

Miller says the executive training is another tool to help local businesses and industries stay here and grow...Exec Training02 

"At some level a growing business hits the lid as to quote John Maxwell, if you know John Maxwell the leadership trainer, sort of the capacities of that leader. How high up can they go, hit that maximum performance, the leader. If we can help elevate that, raise that lid a little bit, our businesses can continue to grow and prosper. Of course at some point a business hits the size where you have to bring in new people, new ideas, new capacities, but we just want to make sure that no business in the Iowa Lakes Corridor is impeded by a lack of training for the senior leader."

You can sign up and get more Monday's executive training by contacting the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation at (712) 264-3474 or by visiting their website at