Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corp. Receives Special Award

Wed 5-16-2018

            (Spencer)-- The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation has received a special award. Kylie Miller, the Corridor's CEO and Executive Director tells KUOO news they were honored for their work in helping an existing company grow...Corridor Award01 

            "We were very honored the other day to receive the Professional Developers of Iowa Award Business Retention and Expansion Single Project Award. This is for our work with Grape Tree Medical Staffing in Milford. And I think most of your listeners are aware of the great growth that Grape Tree is enjoying right now, and the Corridor has played a role, albeit a minor one, in helping make that happen. That effort lead to Professional Developers of Iowa to honor us with this award."

Miller says the Corridor's efforts in helping local firms stay in the area and grow is ongoing. He says a very important part of that process is going on right now...Corridor Award02 

"Annually, we travel from business to business doing these in depth interviews called Best of Iowa. They're sponsored by the big utilities around the state, and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. It's one of our core mission responsibilities. Right now Joann Fallon, on our team, is out and about visiting businesses in all four counties learning what are their growth opportunities, what are their key concerns, how is their product cycle, those kinds of questions so we can help them continue to grow."

The Corridor will also be putting on an executive training seminar next week in the Iowa Great Lakes. We'll have details on that in upcoming newscasts.