Iowa Lakes Community College stepping up CNA Training in response to high demand

Mon 2-15-2021 300 S 18th St, Estherville, IA

(Estherville)-Iowa Lakes Community College is stepping up their CNA Training, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Iowa Lakes Community College stepping up CNA Training in response to high demand 

Iowa Lakes Community College is responding to the high demand for Certified Nursing Assistants through course offerings.

Allied Health Programmer Dawn Kollasch explains.  "We have always offered the 75 hour nurse aide training, but we have just stepped it up.  We have changed our teaching format in order to continue to be able to teach during our COVID crisis.  We worked really hard through the State and got a waiver so our clinicals can be completed in a lab setting when we cannot get into the nursing homes, because when this whole thing started back in March, our clinical and lab hours all had to be in person and in those facility settings, so we had to shut down.  As a Community College Collective throughout the State, we approached the Department of Human Services and several other entities to get this waiver in place." 

She adds that a number of classes will be starting in the next few weeks.  "There's actually one starting this week over in Algona.  We have one starting in Emmetsburg on March 3rd.  We have another class starting in Spencer on March 23rd, and then as we progress through the spring, we will get more started.  I do know that we're going to have a couple classes yet this summer, too."  

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Contact Dawn Kollasch for more information at 712.852.5227