Iowa Lakes Community College launching County Promise Scholarship Fundraiser in February

Mon 2-1-2021 300 S 18th St, Estherville, IA

(Estherville)-The Iowa Lakes Community College Foundation is launching a new County Promise Scholarship Fundraiser in February.  

Institutional Advancement Manager Alison Mason says, it will replace the annual fundraising events.  "The County Promise Scholarship Fundraiser essentially is taking the place of our past event fundraisers that generated scholarship dollars for our Students.  In the same way as the events, money donated from your county will go only to students in your own county.  So, we're excited that unlike events, we're hoping that your dollar will go further.  We're going to invest in as many students as possible."

She adds that the goal is to raise $60,000 for Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Palo Alto counties.  "The goal of $60,000 for each county came from looking back and seeing some of our data about how many students were applying in each county, and how many were actually receiving scholarships.  That would be the number of scholarships everybody at least filled out the scholarship application.  If students are taking the time and are wanting to attend school close to home, we want to be able to reward them for that."

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