Iowa Lakes Community College Awarded $100,000 Employer Innovation Grant

Fri 10-16-2020

(Estherville)-- Officials with Iowa Lakes Community College say they want to enroll 100 people in 100 days in courses providing industry-recognized certifications. Jolene Rogers, Executive Director of Community and Relations, says the program was made possible by a $100,000 grant ILCC has been awarded through the Future Ready Iowa Coronavirus Relief Employer Innovation Fund...Jolene Rogers01 

"We really saw the need for training of our businesses, some of our individuals that way, and then those that were displaced because of COVID lost their jobs or had their positions reduced, so we looked at some of those key skills that our employers are looking for and we met with our faculty members and they are, or actually the instructors for most of the classes that we've got scheduled. The classes are free and they start as early as next week, some of those classes, so check our website out and do  a little searching that way."

Rogers says the programs are being offered in several different career paths...Jolene Rogers02 

"We have industrial maintenance, there's a GIS class that's going to be really popular as well, exploring that area. There's welding classes; we've got the drone applications, you can study for the test to be a commercial pilot with the drones, and then there's an application class that goes with that. So we've got a lot of different things that are available, too, for people that are looking to either enhance their workplace skills or get some new skills as well, so."

In all, Rogers says training will be available in 27 different career areas...Jolene Rogers03 

"Most of the training will happen here before the end of December so those classes are starting pretty quickly. But training can finish as late as late February. But we really need to get our people on board right away. If people are interested in finding out more and want to talk to somebody about it, we've got our career coaches on our campuses. Melissa Lutat, Nancy Ramos, and Theresa Ball are all really great resources for them to call them and they can get help get them in these free classes. They'll do that career path mapping with them so we make sure we get them in the program that aligns with what they really truly love to do."

Rogers says the programs will also include mock interviews to help prepare participants for actual jobs at the end of the training.