Iowa Lakes Community College announces Music Hall of Fame

Wed 4-3-2019 300 S. 18th Street, Estherville, IA

(Estherville)-Iowa Lakes has announced their new Music Hall of Fame, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Iowa Lakes Community College announces Music Hall of Fame 

 The Iowa Lakes Community College Music Department has announced their new Iowa Lakes Music Hall of Fame.

Instrumental Music Professor Carol Ayres explains.  "We would like to publicly thank these people who donate so much time and energy to Iowa Lakes Community College, specifically the College Music Department.  So, we're doing something we call here at Iowa Lakes The Hall of Fame.  So, this is the first ever Music Hall of Fame."
She adds that four individuals will be honored at an Induction Ceremony on April 12.  "Jeannene Larson, she's from Estherville, and then Mark Lair, the person who is going to be singing the concert, Lynn Peterson is a wonderful lady from the Lakes Area, and then the last person is Marian.  Marian Brunsvold.  Everyone in the Lakes Area and in Estherville knows Marian and we're excited to welcome her to our Music Hall of Fame, as well."

The evening includes a celebratory dinner, induction ceremony and music performance starring Mark Lair in the SERT Building on the Estherville Campus April 12.

Reservations are required by April 9th. Call 712.330.8345 for details and reservations.



  • Jeannene Larson - Impact: (Virtuoso)

    • The Impact (Virtuoso) Award is for the nominee who has made an extraordinary impact on the development or growth of Iowa Lakes Community College music.

    • Jeannene Larson had the leading role as Queen Aggravain in “Once Upon a Mattress” and the Fairy Godmother in “Cinderella”. Jeannene has made an impact on the development and growth of Iowa Lakes Community College music through her set painting, costume design, and her outstanding level of performance. 

  • Mark Lair - Influence: (Cadenza)

    • The Influence (Cadenza) Award is for the nominee who has significantly influenced the work of musicians, music lovers and the society at large.

    • Mark served as the lead actor in the most recent Iowa Lakes musical, “The 1940’s Radio Hour.” Mark has always loved jazz music and has worked with Iowa Lakes jazz groups, encouraging students and donating his vocal talents and time to the community. 

  • Lynn Peterson - Innovation: (Sforzando)

    • The Innovation (Sforzando) Award is for the nominee who has broken new ground with originality or creativity, has established new standards, and/or has broken through boundaries to propel Iowa Lakes Community College music.

    • Lynn Peterson has been a source of significant innovation for the Iowa Lakes Music Department, bringing her artistic skills as a costume designer, tailor, and organizer to improve the overall appearance of many Iowa Lakes events. She has worked tirelessly organizing our costume shop, increasing the standards of costuming to a new level and bringing a collegiate/semiprofessional level to performances. 

  • Marian Brunsvold - Commitment: (Coda)

    • The Commitment (Coda) Award is for the nominee who has committed endless amount of time and energy to Iowa Lakes Community College music.

    • Marian Brunsvold, also known as “Grandma Marian”, has demonstrated considerable commitment to the Iowa Lakes Music Department for many years. She supplied countless baked goods and snacks for rehearsals, trips, coffeehouse concerts, recitals and more. In addition, she has been involved in numerous musicals, undertaking tasks from singing to helping with set painting to supervising children. She also has donated props to madrigals and musicals and rarely missed an Iowa Lakes music performance.