Iowa Health Officials Reporting First Cases Of Inflammatory Syndrome In Children Believed Associated With COVID-19

Mon 5-18-2020

(Johnston)-- There's growing concern over a rare but potentially deadly condition believed associated with COVID-19 that's been affecting children in other parts of the country. Dr. Caitlin Pedatti of the Iowa Department of Public Health says the state is now reporting its first cases of what's known as Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome in children...Pedatti01 

"Friday afternoon the Iowa Department of Public Health did receive two potential reports of this new syndrome. These reports are in children in eastern Iowa who are currently stable and we're working with our clinical and local public health providers to gather more information."

Dr. Pedatti says there are several things parents should be on the lookout for and seek immediate medical attention if they see them in their children...Pedatti02 

"Now what we know so far about this syndrome is that it appears to cause fever and signs of inflammation throughout the body. You might have heard this compared to another kind of rare inflammatory condition in children that we call Kawasaki Disease. These two syndromes appear similar in that they both seem to cause what we call post infectious inflammation, meaning that several weeks after an infection, people might develop signs of inflammation throughout the body."

Dr. Pedatti adds because the condition is new and little is known about it, the syndrome is now a mandatory reported disease in Iowa.