Iowa Great Lakes To Receive Just Glancing Blow From 1st Major Winter Storm Of Season

Thu 11-17-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- It now looks like the Iowa Great Lakes and northwest Iowa will receive only a glancing blow from what will likely be the first major winter storm of the season.

Jeff Chapman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls says the heaviest snow will just miss us to the northwest, but we will still see some of the white stuff and a LOT of wind...Chapman01 

"Yeah, the Iowa Great Lakes area will be on the edge of the system with respect to the amount of snow. You're still going to see the one thing that's certain with this storm and that's a lot of wind, with wind gusts anywhere from 40 to 50 mph developing through tonight and especially through the day tomorrow."

Chapman says the worst conditions by far will be in eastern South Dakota and west central and southwest Minnesota...Chapman02 

"Yeah, the worst of the winter weather conditions will be found closer to the Interstate 29 corridor then into portions of southwest Minnesota up toward Marshall, Hendricks, Pipestone, Slayton, those areas. A band of snowfall probably of 4 to 8 inches combined with those very, very strong winds will produce blizzard conditions especially up toward Highway 14 from Desmet and Brookings over toward Marshall and then down into the Pipestone and Slayton areas."

Chapman says no major storms are expected next week over the Thanksgiving holiday period...Chapman03 

"We will likely see a precipitation producing system move in before Thanksgiving into Tuesday to maybe early Wednesday period. Right now temperatures with that system are somewhat warmer aloft so we're looking for generally rain, possibly mixing with or changing to a little bit of light snow, but no significant travel issues with that system."

Temperatures will be slow to moderate, with readings rebounding only into the 40's for highs next week.