Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District Embarking On Solar Power Project

Fri 11-8-2019

(Milford)-- A wastewater treatment facility that serves the Iowa Great Lakes is turning to the sun for its power needs. Steve Anderson, Superintendent of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District tells KUOO news they're embarking on a solar project as a way to reduce costs at the facility just northeast of Milford...Solar Project01 

"The district is looking at, I think it's like a half megawatt of power, that what is estimated will about 70 percent of our annual energy production, so we'll be using that for the majority of the time and when our energy demand is at the highest is usually during the day and that's when the solar panels will be making the majority of their power, so it kind of fits with how we, how the plant operates. And by doing that there will be about a seven year pay off. Most of the system is set to be functioning and warranteed for up to 20 years and so it should be a good cost savings in the end for the Sanitary District." 

Anderson says the solar panel array will be constructed on about two acres of land at the site of the facility...Solar Project02 

"Hopefully next spring sometime we'll be getting it all installed. There's a little bit of engineering type of things that need to happen first, and so we can do that over the winter so we can get everything prepped and ready to go for the spring."

Anderson says electricity costs represent the largest expenditure at the wastewater treatment facility.