Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Car Drop Contest underway

Fri 2-9-2018 Okoboji,IA

(Okoboji)-Tickets are going quickly for the Rotary Car Drop Contest, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Car Drop Contest underway 

The Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club is once again selling tickets for their Car Drop Contest.

Chairman Carey Wilkens says each ticket has two chances of winning when the car eventually drops through the ice on West Okoboji.  "Each minute has both an am and a pm, so win a potential winner buys a time, they have not one but two opportunities to win, one in the afternoon, one in the morning."

He adds that proceeds from the contest help fund Rotary projects.  "The major project that the Club is working on right now is actually two-fold.  One, there's the Shelby Duis Park, which is located in the Elinor Bedell State Park out on East Lake.  That needs some refurbishing. We are going to use some of the funds that are raised to help with that regeneration.  Then the other thing that we're especially excited about now, is that The Club is going to be sponsoring a student from Okoboji who will be attending school in Germany next year.  That's something that we haven't done for a number of years, and The Club is especially excited that we're able to get back into that program."

Tickets may be purchased at the Dry Dock and at The Hutt in Arnolds Park.

For online tickets click here.