Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Car Drop Contest getting underway

Thu 1-10-2019 Okoboji,IA

(Okoboji)-The Rotary car drop contest is getting underway, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Car Drop Contest underway (1) 

The Iowa Great Lakes Rotary is again holding their annual car drop contest on West Okoboji.

Club President Brad Jungers explains.  "We have 720 tickets for each time, so it would be am or pm.  It doesn't matter the day.  All of the members have books of tickets, you should be able to get your choice of what time you want.  We also have tickets for sale at The Hutt and Dry Dock, so you can stop in there and purchase tickets.  We should be getting our online ticket sales up shortly.  Once you put your credit card information in and you order tickets, our treasurer will send you a random time.  Unfortunately, online you don't get to choose your time."

He adds that proceeds from the contest will go toward the club's community projects.  "Our signature project right now is the Shelby Duis Park, which is in Elinor Bedell State Park.  We are going to be doing a major renovation of some of the park equipment out there this spring and this summer.  We're hosting a foreign exchange student from France, Alis Collin, she's going to Okoboji this year, and then we also sponsored another student to go, she's in Germany, Seattle Sweeney.  We are very heavily active in the Youth Exchange Program."

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NOTE: Photo is from a previous year.