Iowa Great Lakes Chamber of Commerce Temporarily Removes Fireworks Can Donation Trailers

Tue 10-4-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- Have some cans you were going to drop off in the fireworks donation bin? You're going to have to find something else to do with them. Jeff Thee, Executive Director of the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce tells KUOO news they have temporarily removed the can collection trailer from the Fareway parking lot until further notice...Fireworks Cans 

"We've had to do some reorganization of the lakes area fireworks fund which has employed different people to separate the cans and get them to the distributors and so forth, and then the Iowa Great Lakes Chamber of Commerce we provided the trailers for that service, and then we got partial of the proceeds to go toward the 4th of July fireworks. And in the short term I've had to reorganize the lakes area fireworks fund. So while the trailers were not being taken away from the Fareway parking lot as quickly, cans were building up there and sitting there. So we took the trailers away and they're sitting there where the office is now for the lakes area fireworks fund and when things are reorganized the service will continue again in the Fareway parking lot."

Thee gave no indication as to when the chamber may resume its can collection program.

When asked to elaborate about the reorganization, Thee said he couldn't go into detail.

In the meantime the public is asked NOT to drop off cans in either the Fareway parking lot or the trailers.