Iowa Great Lakes Chamber of Commerce Once Again Accepting Cans For Fireworks

Fri 11-4-2016 []

(Arnolds Park)-- Trailers used to collect redeemable cans for the Iowa Great Lakes Chamber of Commerce fireworks have returned to service. Lakes Area resident Joe Feese is the new owner of the can recycling business, known as Iowa Great Lakes Recycling...Feese 

"This isn't really a big decision on my part as far as wanting to get rich quick or anything like that. I do think it's going to take a lot of hard work to get this where I want to get it. Ideally I want to expand the business down the line to where I can recycle more stuff than just cans and bottles. My idea is for now I want to start off slow. The foundation is there as far as the business goes, but I don't see any problems as far as being successful. I think that with a little bit of hard work and community backing this can keep going for awhile now, so. The fact the proceeds go towards the fireworks and stuff like that I think is a huge plus for the community. I'd also like to see down the road once I do get a little more established I would like to start putting money in towards the schools, like maybe start a small scholarship annually, or something along the line of that work and help the community even more, so."

For now, Feese is only processing cans collected through the Chamber's trailers, which are once again located in the parking lots at Fareway and Wal-Mart in Spirit Lake and Sunshine Foods in Milford.

Feese says he'll be utilizing manpower assistance from some workers at Hope Haven-Echo Plus.