Iowa Great Lakes Association produces new video on Zebra Mussels

Tue 10-18-2016 IA"], ["Okoboji

(Okoboji)-Invasive Zebra Mussels are the topic of a new Iowa Great Lakes Association (IGLA) video.  KUOO's Becky Thoreson has the details:

IGLA produces new video on Zebra Mussels story 

As boats and hoists are being removed from the Iowa Great Lakes this fall, invasive Zebra Mussels are clearly visible. The Iowa Great Lakes Association has produced a new video on the problem, as Community Development Manager Jenn Johnson Ross explains.

"The area Lakes Associations and the Iowa Great Lakes Association are working really hard to educate the community about the Zebra Mussels, and when we talk to lakes services, they're seeing them thick on docks, on hoists.  We've produced a new video to help raise awareness about Zebra Mussels.  Iowa Great Lakes Association's website is, you can log on there, and learn about how to keep your boat clean, and remove your drain plug, throw away unused bait."

She adds that the IGLA website also contains an in-depth report on Zebra Mussels.

"Everything that we learn, we're sharing with the public.  We have a 30-page report, a very comprehensive report on the website."

Listen to the full interview with IGLA Community Development Manager Jen Johnson-Ross:

Interview with Jen Johnson Ross on IGLA 

Visit the IGLA website click here.