Iowa Great Lakes Association Produces New Video on the Electric Fish Barrier

Mon 11-7-2016 IA"], ["Okoboji

(Okoboji)-The Iowa great Lakes Association has released another video in their "Did you know?" series.

KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

IGLA produces new video on the electric fish barrier 

IGLA Community Development Director Jen Johnson-Ross says the focus of the video is on the electric fish barrier.  "People remember it being installed down at Lower Gar near Milford.  If you've never been down there, I encourage you to do so, it is a fascinating area.  In addition to the electric fish barrier, there's also an Osprey nest down there, and for those of you who don't know. an Osprey is actually a fish hawk.   So what that electric fish barrier does, is it prevents the aquatic invasive species, such as the Black Carp, the White Carp and the Asian and Silver Carp from entering our chain of lakes, but it gives those Osprey a ready supply of food.  So, when we were down there video taping it was just amazing."

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Listen to the full interview:

IGLA new video on fish barrier