Iowa DNR To Begin Restoration Of A NW Iowa Lake This Spring

Mon 4-5-2021

(Laurens)-- Restoration efforts are getting underway this spring on Pickerel Lake near Laurens, on the Clay and Buena Vista county line.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says water levels are being drawn this spring on the 170 acre shallow natural lake. They say the goal is to lower the lake some 3.5 feet during the 2021 growing season, with water levels remaining at a reduced level through early summer 2022.

The DNR says the current fishery in Pickerel Lake is dominated by black bullheads. The agency says that's an indicator of poor water quality.

They add the lower water levels will allow aquatic vegetation to re-establish in the near shore areas and will remove nutrients from the sediment to help prevent algae blooms, improving water quality while providing habitat for fish and wildlife.

The restoration plan includes restocking the lake with a diverse native fish community, including yellow perch and walleye, in 2022.