Iowa DNR Investigating Two Significant Manure Spills In The Region

Thu 4-15-2021

(Spencer)-- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is investigating a couple of manure spills that took place in the region in recent days.

The agency says the first was northwest of Rock Rapids. The DNR says a dairy reported spilling several hundred thousand gallons of manure after an irrigation unit got stuck. The liquid manure flowed through fields, including some with cover crops or pasture. It reached a tributary of Mud Creek and then flowed into the creek itself. DNR staff reported finding “many dead fish” when they arrived on the scene Wednesday afternoon.

DNR officials say they're also investigating a manure spill in Lotts Creek, about two miles northeast of West Bend. The agency says a commercial manure application company was land applying manure when a hose came off the pump. The hose dropped into a creek, spilling an estimated 10,000 gallons of manure into the creek before the pump could be shut down. DNR officials reported finding “a large number of dead and dying fish in the creek”. They expect the fish kill will be ongoing as the slug of manure moves downstream.

Lotts Creek flows into the East Fork of the Des Moines River about 10 miles downstream of the spill. The DNR says the spill is not expected to impact downstream water supplies.