Iowa Dept. Of Transportation Warning Of Possible Scam

Fri 7-16-2021

(Ankeny)-- The Iowa Department of Transportation is warning residents of a potential scam.

The D.O.T's Driver's License and Identification Services Bureau says they've become aware of Iowans receiving text messages under the guise of confirming information related to your driver's license or driving record. The agency says the messages are misleading and that they are not the ones sending them out.

The D.O.T says the only time they'll send you a text message related to your driver's license is to confirm an appointment you have scheduled with them, and that it will NOT contain links.

Officials say if you receive a text message that appears to be from the Iowa Department of Transportation asking you to click a link to confirm or verify information regarding your driver's license or driving record, do not click the link. Instead they say you should simply delete the message.