Innovative Classroom Initiative Brings Unique Learning Experience

Wed 12-5-2018

(Emmetsburg)-- Students at a local elementary school are getting some unique learning experiences. Principal Joe Carter of West Elementary School in Emmetsburg says it's part of the district's “Innovative Classroom Experience” initiative...Carter01 

"It's an initiative in our district this year to provide our kids with more authentic learning experiences where they have more learning opportunities, more agency involved in it and our Kindergarten readiness class with Mrs. Deidering got involved with a project involving balls. These are five-year-olds. The project led them to where they designed some balls for Wilson, the national sports company, that Wilson produced and sent to us here at West Elementary School. That's really, really cool and the kids are really excited about it."

Carter says another learning component involves 3rd graders and agriculture...Carter02 

"They had Secretary, recently re-elected Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig zoom in with them Monday of this week. It was a great experience for them. They're learning a lot about agriculture and why Iowa is such a center of agriculture."

Carter says they'll be expanding even more on the ag component in the near future...Carter03 

"The North Central Ag In The Classroom group comes to West Elementary and teaches to our classes where our supper comes from and farm animals for beginners and all about our farms and what is field corn, and super soybeans, and those are just some of the lessons that they'll be teaching to our group next week."

Carter says agriculture is a key component of the innovative classroom because of the important role it plays in our lives and economy.