INHF & Two Families Partnering On Project To Protect & Restore 160 Acres On N.E. Side Of Big Spirit Lake

Thu 8-23-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Two families are partnering with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation on a project to protect and restore 160 acres of land on the northeast side of Big Spirit Lake.

Officials say the project will improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat and has the potential to expand recreation opportunities in the area.

The site adjoins the Shore Acres neighborhood and the Trickle Slough Wildlife Management Area, east of MiniWakan State Park, just south of the Minnesota border.

The majority of the funding for the project is being donated by Jeff and Elizabeth Wallace and the children of Clifford and Sheila Bowers: Barbara Mendenhall, Bert Bowers and Abby Adams.

Plans call for the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to own and manage the land, which is working with neighbors and other stakeholders about the site and its potential.

The project was also made possible through the Nature Conservancy of Iowa.