Infectious Disease Experts Sound A Warning About Iowa's Lagging COVID Vaccinations

Wed 6-2-2021

(Des Moines, IA)  --  The number of COVID-19 patients in Iowa hospitals has dipped below 100 for three straight days.  The last time Iowa had fewer than 100 hospital patients being treated for the virus was in early April of 2020.  Iowa Department of Public Health director Kelly Garcia said in a statement, "having fewer that 100 Iowans hospitalized with COVID-19 is a significant milestone."  

The pace of vaccinations in Iowa has been lagging for several weeks.  Garcia said her agency will continue to work with local partners to educate and answer any questions Iowans may have "so they can feel confident about getting vaccinated." 

About 58 percent of eligible Iowans have had at least one shot. 

Infectious disease specialists warn if Iowa’s vaccination rate doesn’t rise, more contagious variants of Covid may take hold here as is the case in Britain.