Illegal Sump Pump Connections Continue To Be A Concern For Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District

Thu 7-2-2020

(Milford)-- The illegal connection of sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system continues to be a concern, even though it's been relatively dry lately. Steve Anderson, Superintendent of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District, says while we've had less rain so far this season, that can always change on a moment's notice. And he says it's better to address the issues with sump pumps now rather than waiting until after the fact. Anderson says an inspection program the district held last year resulted in them finding 25 sump pumps that were illegally connected to the sanitary sewer...Anderson & Sump Pumps01 

"If they were all running together we're estimating that somewhere around 300,000 gallons a day that we were taking in off of those 25 illegal connections. It doesn't seem like a sump pump pushes a lot of water, but it does. And when you've got a sewer system, that sanitary sewer system that's only designed for waste water and you're starting to put ground water and surface water into that system you do start, just one sump pump can actually cause a big issue for just not the neighborhood, but it can also cause it for lots of people down the way, so."

Anderson says anyone who may not know for sure where their sump pump is discharging and doesn't know where to look should contact the Sanitary District. He says they're willing to come out and look for you...Anderson & Sump Pumps02 

"We'd rather work with them than to have to find it and then have to start working with our ordinances and possibly fining people and taking legal action to get it removed, so."

Anderson says you can request an inspection on the Sanitary District's website at Click on inspection request.